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Oculus Prime - Auto Start on Boot

Create Desktop Application Autostart Item

Connect to the robot desktop using VNC if you aren’t already, go to ‘Settings’ from the menu, and choose ‘Session and Startup’.

-Under the ‘General’ tab, make sure the ‘Automatically save session on logout’ box is unchecked

-Then, under the ‘Application Autostart’ tab click the ‘Add’ button to create a new item

-Enter ‘Oculus Prime’ for name

-For command, enter the path to the startup script:

/bin/bash -i /home/oculus/oculusPrime/

UPDATE: "/bin/bash -i " prefix added to the command to make script interactive (so user environment can be loaded)

NOTE: If you’re running an older installation, make sure your application start script is the latest – get it from here

NEXT: Set Up the Headless Wifi Manager

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