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Remote Surveillance Robot
Interactive Remote Monitoring
and Security

Fully Autonomous Patrols
Motion and Noise Detection
Home • Office • Warehouse

  • Real-Time Streaming Video
  • 2-way Audio
  • Powerful 4WD Traction
  • High Intensity Lights
  • Auto-Docking Charging Station
  • Web Browser and Smartphone Control
  • Fully Assembled or DIY Kit
  • Autonomous Navigation and Mapping using the ROS Navigation Stack
  • Motion, Noise and Human detection
  • Define Scheduled Patrol Routes with point-and-click web GUI
  • Email and RSS alerts
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Oculus Prime Software Update - Wifi Auto-Switching 11-12-2015 → The latest update to Oculus Prime’s software features Wifi Auto Switching. Put simply, if the robot drives out of range of its current wifi netw ...more
Programming Oculus Prime 10-01-2015 → The Oculus Prime Robot comes stock with an extensive set of remote monitoring and autonomous patrolling features, but there are likely going to be tho ...more
Oculus Prime Update: Autonomous Security Patrols 09-28-2015 → The latest software update to Oculus Prime is a big one – one of the goals at the outset of this project was to create a fully autonomous vehicle ...more
Mobile TeleOperator Apps - Development Status 04-07-2015 → The mobile apps for remote-controlling Oculus Prime and Oculus Laptops Robot kits are getting some much needed attention. We’ve been building al ...more
Oculus Prime Software Update - Improved Auto Pilot 02-16-2015 → The Oculus Prime Server Application and ROS package have been updated with improved autonomous navigation capabilities, including a slick remote map in ...more
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Web Browser Remote Control

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