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Remote Surveillance Vehicle
Interactive Remote Monitoring
and Security

Fully Autonomous Patrols
Motion and Noise Detection
Home • Office • Warehouse

  • Real-Time Streaming Video
  • 2-way Audio
  • Powerful 4WD Traction
  • High Intensity Lights
  • Auto-Docking Charging Station
  • Web Browser and Smartphone Control
  • Fully Assembled or DIY Kit
  • Autonomous Navigation and Mapping using the Robot Operating System (ROS) Navigation Stack
  • Motion, Noise and Human detection
  • Define Scheduled Patrol Routes with point-and-click web GUI
  • Email and RSS alerts
90 Second Video: Fully Autonomous Navigation, Web Broswer Remote Inteface
Xaxxon News
Now Available: Oculus Prime in White, and the Orbbec Astra Sensor 01-14-2016 → New stuff for 2016! First, all versions of the Oculus Prime Mobile Robot are now available with an optional CNC machined white ABS frame. All of Xaxxo ...more
New SLAM Depth Sensor: The Orbbec Astra 12-16-2015 → For the last year, Oculus Prime’s go-to sensor for autonomous navigation/SLAM has been the Asus Xtion Pro Live depth camera (pictured above righ ...more
Oculus Prime Software Update Doubles Autonomous Navigation Speed 12-07-2015 → Faster and smoother autonomous navigation! Until now, Oculus Prime strictly used turn in place moves to change direction. This is a common approach to ...more
Oculus Prime Software Update - Wifi Auto-Switching 11-12-2015 → The latest update to Oculus Prime’s software features Wifi Auto Switching. Put simply, if the robot drives out of range of its current wifi netw ...more
Programming Oculus Prime 10-01-2015 → The Oculus Prime Robot comes stock with an extensive set of remote monitoring and autonomous patrolling features, but there are likely going to be tho ...more
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Web Browser Remote Control
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