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Oculus Prime SLAM Navigator Robot, White, click to enlarge

Remote Surveillance Vehicle
Interactive Remote Monitoring
and Security

Fully Autonomous Patrols
Motion and Noise Detection
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  • Real-Time Streaming Video
  • 2-way Audio
  • Powerful 4WD Traction
  • High Intensity Lights
  • Auto-Docking Charging Station
  • Web Browser and Smartphone Control
  • Fully Assembled or DIY Kit
  • Autonomous Navigation and Mapping using the Robot Operating System (ROS) Navigation Stack
  • Motion, Noise and Human detection
  • Define Scheduled Patrol Routes with point-and-click web GUI
  • Powered by x86-64 mini-ITX or ARM single board computers
90 Second Video: Fully Autonomous Navigation, Web Broswer Remote Inteface
What's New
An Exploration of Stereo Vision SLAM Mapping - Early Prototype 06-23-2016 → Not too long ago, the availability of low cost depth sensors, suitable for mobile robot auto-navigation and SLAM mapping, had become a problem. Apple b ...more
Oculus Prime Software Updated With Follower Mode and Video Recording 06-13-2016 → Since the last 0.709 release, the Oculusprime Server Java application has been updated to 0.713 with the following enhancements: On-board video recor ...more
Oculus Prime ROV On The Job at Cornell Synchrotron 03-23-2016 → The folks maintaining the CHESS Synchrotron at Cornell University are using an Oculus Prime ROV to inspect the equipment in the 768 meter CESR tunnel. ...more
Oculusprime Server Application Updated with ARM Support and Carpet Detection 03-15-2016 → The latest 0.709 update to the Oculusprime Server Application includes the following enhancements: Beta ARM/Raspbian support: should work with most A ...more
Oculus Prime SLAM Navigator gets Mini-ITX Upgrade 02-25-2016 → The fully autonomous SLAM Navigator version of Oculus Prime has just had a system hardware upgrade: it now comes standard with the new ASUS N3150IC mi ...more
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Oculus Prime Robot remote browser interface, click to enlarge
Web Browser Remote Control
Oculus Prime SLAM Navigator Robot, White, click to enlarge
Oculus Prime Pi Explorer Robot, click to enlarge

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