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Oculus Prime - Downloads

Oculusprime Server
    Ubuntu Linux Java Application, includes:
        web server, browser remote control client, access point manager 0.914
    System Requirements:
        Linux Xubuntu 14.04 x86-64, Java 8 64-bit JRE, Google Chrome browser
        Linux Xubuntu 16.04 Raspberry Pi 3 build, Oracle Java 8 JRE,
        package: libav-tools
    42 Mb
    Version 0.812
    Released: 2017-2-1
    Download: oculusprime_server_v0.812.tar.gz

Oculusprime TeleOperator Android
    Remote Client Android App
    Android 2.2 and higher
    12 Mb
    Version: ecb8420 Apache Flex SDK 14.15
    Released: 2016-2-22
    Download: oculusprime_mobile_ecb8420_sdk14.15.apk

Configured System Images, SLAM Navigator Version
Installation Instructions
    Intel DN2800MT Mainboard, ASUS Xtion depth camera
    Oculus Prime Server version 0.704, Xubuntu x64 14.04.3, ROS Indigo
    2.6 Gb
    Released 2015-10-21
    MD5SUM: ba5329fb42c80dcd0ff7b3f69a6d6214
    Download: xubuntu14043_prime0704_indigo_IntelDN2800MT_xtion.fsa

    ASUS N3150IC Mainboard, Orbbec Astra depth camera
    Oculus Prime Server version 0.709, Xubuntu x64 14.04.4, ROS Indigo
    2.1 Gb
    Released 2016-4-6
    MD5SUM: d33329cc55290bae4765855e384b3315
    Download: xubuntu14044_prime0709_indigo_asusN3150IC_astra.fsa

    ASRock J3710-ITX Mainboard, Orbbec Astra depth camera
    Oculus Prime Server version 0.800, Xubuntu x64 14.04.5, ROS Indigo
    2.7 Gb
    Released 2017-1-16
    MD5SUM: 687ba729c751891f27b04ecdae0e4ae4
    Download: xubuntu14.04.5_prime0800_indigo-j3170itx.fsa

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