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Oculus Prime - Non-Flash Camera/Mic Capture

Oculus Prime SLAM Navigator used to ship with Google-Chrome and the Flash browser plugin as the default method for camera/mic capture, but now it uses avconv.

Since the Flash plugin is a non-option for ARM systems, the Pi Explorer version uses avconv as the only camera capture method.

SLAM Navigator users can use Google-Chrome capture, by installing Chrome, setting the useflash configuration setting to 'true', and re-starting the application.

There are some notable pros and cons to using avconv over Flash:


  • Google Chrome and Flash not required
  • Slightly lower CPU when streaming video
  • Slightly less lag over LAN/High Bandwidth connections


  • 2-way audio currently not supported
  • Video recording spilts audio and video into separate files (can be combined later)
  • Slightly more lag over lower bandwidth connections

NOTE: Use of a relay rever will set the useflash configuration setting to 'false' automatically, for both server and client.

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