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Oculus Prime - Port Forwarding

In order to access Oculus Prime remotely over the internet, from outside your local area network, you need to forward the ports served up by the Oculus Prime Server Application, through your router.

For general info on port forwarding:

By default, the ports are:

HTTP Port: 5080
Remote client web pages, button graphics, javascript, Flash SWF files.
To change port number from the default, edit the file 'oculusPrime/conf/' and change the line:


RTMP Port: 1935
(Real Time Messaging Protocol) streaming video/audio, and text socket connection.
To change port number from the default, edit the file 'oculusPrime/conf/' and change the line:


Telnet Port: Forwarding not recommended
The Oculus Prime Telnet Server port (typically 4444, disabled by default) has no authentication and is meant to be used for communication between the server application and automation scripts running on the local machine, or over LAN only.
Forwarding the port beyond the LAN would be a security risk and not recommended. Limiting inter-LAN port access, if required, can be configured by manipulating the robot’s firewall settings.
To enable/change the port number, edit the oculus_settings.txt file and change the line:

telnetport disabled

Replace ‘disabled’ with 4444 (typical) or another number of your choice.

NOTE: Telnet can also be enabled (to port 4444 only), or disabled, in the web browser interface by going to 'MENU > settings/calibration

If port forwarding is not possible for your network setup, see here.

Any port changes require server application restart.

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