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Oculus Prime - Powering Down

As mentioned in the battery safety section, when you’re not using the robot for more than a few days, you should always unplug the battery. However, if you want to power it down for a shorter period of time, you can use the power shutdown function.

NOTE: This function only works when the robot is away from the dock, running on battery power.

You can power down from the remote browser web page by going to 'MENU > server > power down'. Or, to enter the command directly, go to ‘menu > advanced menu > telnet text command’ (or press ‘C’) and enter the powershutdown command. The OS will exit gracefully and the Xaxxon Power PCB will kill power to the system after 60 seconds.

To power back up, you can do one of 3 things:

1 – Apply wall power by placing the robot into the charger
2 – Give any wheel a sharp 1/4 turn, or
3 – Press the tact-button on the Xaxxon Power PCB.

IMPORTANT: This function does not completely stop battery drain, and should not be used when the battery is low. The Power PCB has ‘parasitics’ that continue draw current from the battery no matter what, and can drain a completely charged battery over several weeks, potentially causing permanent capacity loss.

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