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Oculus Prime - ROS Nodes and Launch Files Summary

This page lists the relevant ROS nodes and launch files from the oculusprime_ros package, and briefly describes their functions.

Interprets output broadcast by ROS move_base package, and sends movement telnet commands to Oculusprime Java Server, to drive the robot from initial position to goal. (See path following for more info)
Utility to listen to standard ROS movemement twist messages on the cmd_vel topic, interpret and send equivalent movement telnet commands to Oculusprime Java Server

Ported from Turtlebot Apps package follower app. Ouputs Twist messages to cmd_vel topic, to follow centroid of point cloud blob in front of robot as read by depth camera
Top-level overseer and liason between ROS and the Oculus Prime Java Server, during map making (see mapping)
Continuously reads gyro and encoder data from the Oculus Prime java server, interprets and broadcasts the data as a ROS tf transform and nav_msgs/Odometry message (see odometry)
Top-level overseer and liason between ROS navigation stack and the Oculusprime Java Server. Relays initial pose and goal coordinates between Oculusprime web UI and move_base action server, and performs some recovery actions

Launch Files

Launches the Adaptive Monte-Carlo Localization AMCL package, which tracks the pose of the robot against the map

Utility launch file to copy output from depth camera to shared memory location, to be read by Oculusprime Java Server

Sets up the depth camera for navigation and mapping. Starts up the camera and the modified depthimage_to_laserscan node

Starts up the depth camera, and launches follower and cmd_vel_listener nodes to enable blob follower mode

High level launch file to start up navigation stack and required oculusprime_ros nodes; includes static transform publisher to set position of depth camera with respect to the robot

Launches the Gmapping package, which provides laser-based SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping), for creating maps

Launches gmapping and other functions to put Oculus Prime in create map mode; for use with the Oculusprime web UI or Rviz

Starts up depth camera with default settings

Starts up depth camera in lower 320×240 resolution

Top level launch file when running navigation from web UI, launches globalpath_follow.launch and node

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