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Oculus Prime - Updating ROS Packages

To update the Oculus Prime specific ROS packages (assuming you already have ROS installed), connect to Oculus Prime via ssh and do:

$ roscd oculusprime
$ git pull


$ roscd depthimage_to_laserscan
$ git pull

Now you’ll need to compile it, which will take a minute or two:

$ cd ../../
$ catkin_make

(The 'cd ../../' command is to go up two folders, into the workspace root folder.)

This procedure will be done automatically, if required, when you go to:

MENU > server > check for software update

within the web browser remote interface. See Updating Software for more info.

NOTE: We’ve chosen to go the github/source route for deploying the Oculusprime ROS software (instead of via pre-compiled packages served up by the ROS/Ubuntu repositories), so that the software can be updated automatically without requiring root. Also, this way we can control the timing of software updates to coincide with Oculusprime Java Server updates.

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