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Oculus Prime - Tutorial: Gazebo Simulation

(Preliminary, still under development — tested with ROS Kinetic/Ubuntu 16.04)

Oculus Prime Gazebo urdf model
Gazebo simulator ROS integration for the Oculus Prime robot

Currently available from the oculusprime_ros github in the gazebo_dev branch.

If required, install ROS, git, and setup catkin workspace and install the Oculusprime ROS package following these directions.

Switch to the gazebo_dev branch by entering the following:

$ roscd oculusprime/
$ git pull
$ git checkout gazebo_dev
$ cd ../../
$ catkin_make

Launch Gazebo with Oculus Prime with the following:

$ roslaunch oculusprime oculusprime_gazebo.launch &

You can control the robot with the keyboard with teleop_twist_keyboard:

$ rosrun teleop_twist_keyboard

Try follower mode:

$ roslaunch oculusprime follower_gazebo.launch

Run gmapping using the depth camera with:

$ roslaunch oculusprime gazebo_gmapping.launch 

See here for more info on using gmapping and monitoring progress with rviz.

Once you have a decent map, start up auto-navigation with:

$ roslaunch oculusprime gazebo_nav.launch

Use Rviz to set your current position and set navigation goals:

$ rosrun rviz rviz -d `rospack find oculusprime`/dwa_nav.rviz

If you’re having dependency issues with any of the above try installing the oculusprime_ros prerequisites:

$ sudo apt-get install ros-kinetic-move-base \ 
ros-kinetic-map-server ros-kinetic-amcl \ 
ros-kinetic-dwa-local-planner ros-kinetic-gmapping

NEXT: Updating the Oculus Prime ROS Packages

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