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Oculus Prime - SLAM Navigator

Oculus Prime Robot DIY Kit Assembly
Oculus Prime SLAM Navigator is capable of autonomous driving and automated patrols, as well as manual remote operation, ready to go out of the box
It includes the Astra depth sensor for Simultaneous-Location-And-Mapping and obstacle detection, has the ROS Navigation Stack installed and calibrated, and is controlled by an on-board desktop-class mini-ITX PC
Assembled, Calibrated and Tested
Software Pre-installed:
  • Linux Xubuntu 16.04 OS
  • Oculusprime Server Application
  • Headless WiFi setup tool, with overlapping network auto-switching
  • ROS Kinetic desktop-full
  • OpenCV
Vehicle and Charging Station:
  • Frame: CNC machined ABS
  • Charging Station (Auto-docking) with 15V 4A AC/DC Adapter
  • Battery: LiPo 3S 5000 mAh
  • Xaxxon Power Battery Charger PCB
  • Xaxxon MALG Motor Controller PCB
  • Wheels, 12V motors, encoder
  • Camera: Microsoft LifeCam Cinema
  • Servo Tilt head with 2x Cree LED lights
  • Speaker
Included Hardware:
Choice of Colours:
Oculus Prime SLAM Navigator, Black
With BLACK ABS vehicle frame and black charging dock
Each US $1499.00
Part No.: XAX-052 Ships out in approx. 1 week
Oculus Prime SLAM Navigator, White
With WHITE ABS vehicle frame and black charging dock
Each US $1499.00 add to cart button
Part No.: XAX-060 Ships out in approx. 1 week
Made in Canada
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